Real estate agents in the Houston area often state that buying a property in the spring or summer is best. But this isn’t always true, and it all depends on your unique situation. If you buy a home in winter, you can benefit from a more relaxed process, motivated sellers, and a lower price. What’s more, most professionals, like your real estate agent, your appraiser, and your contractors, will be less busy and their rates could be more affordable.

You’ll also see your home at its worst, and you’ll immediately find out if there are any problems with the heating system. By the time summer comes, you’ll be settled in your new property and ready to enjoy it to the maximum.

Why You Should Buy a Home in Houston in the Winter (8 Reasons!)

1. The Home Buying Process Will Be More Relaxed

In almost every area of the US, the peak home selling and buying times are spring and summer. There are several reasons why most people like to move at that time. Most importantly, families want to make sure that their children can start the school year at their new location, so they want to move before the end of the summer vacation.

Additionally, homes almost always look better in the summer, and the moving process is more pleasant when it is warm. If you opt for a December, January, or February move, you can expect fewer other buyers, so you won’t have to compete so hard for homes. This makes the process more relaxed and allows you to think about your decision before jumping in.

2. The Sellers Might Be Very Motivated 

Sellers know that homes are more in demand in the spring and summer, so most of them try to time their sales for the warmer months. A person who sells a property in December, January, or February often has a good reason to do so. For example, they might have been transferred to a different area by their work, or they might be in financial trouble and need the money fast.

This means that most of the December, January, and February sellers will be very motivated and might accept conditions that other sellers wouldn’t agree to. If you’re a new buyer with little experience, speak to your real estate agent or loan officer about the home you’re trying to buy. They have lots of experience with the local market, so they can help you determine whether you can negotiate with the seller and get a better price.

3. You Will Pay Less

Home prices in Texas have increased steadily in the past few decades. Currently, the housing market is very unpredictable, and anything could happen in the next few months. If you don’t want to be priced out of the market, it’s best to act now.

It’s also worth noting that most sellers who put their home on the market in the winter won’t insist on getting the best price possible. Because they might be in a rush to sell, they’re more likely to be open to negotiations or accept a lower offer. That’s why buying during December, January, or February could be an excellent way for first-time buyers to enter the market.

4. You Might Have More Time to Decide 

In most urban areas, homes are becoming less and less affordable. Because more people are moving to cities like Houston, there are often bidding wars for the few homes available. This can be stressful, making it hard for you to make the best decision for your family since you might feel pressured to agree to a purchase before you’re ready.

As mentioned, there won’t be as many other buyers around during the colder season. You’re much less likely to get into a bidding war, and you’ll have more time to decide. This is great for people who aren’t sure what kind of home they want or those who have never bought a property before.

5. Professionals Will Have More Time for You 

When you buy a home, you have to interact with many professionals. Most people start by contacting a real estate agent who helps them find properties, negotiate with sellers, and get all the paperwork ready. You will also need appraisers, inspectors, and contractors to clean your place once you’ve bought it. All these people are less busy during the colder months than in the spring and summer so they will have more time for you.

You won’t have trouble booking meetings and appointments, and your agent might be able to spend more time searching for appropriate properties. Moreover, you can often negotiate with real estate professionals and get a better deal.

6. You’ll See the Home at Its Worst 

At first, you might think that seeing your home at its worst is a downside of moving during the colder months. But this isn’t the case. In summer, sellers can more easily hide issues with the home by presenting it nicely. You might be enticed by gorgeous trees in the front yard, a beautiful back garden, and a manicured lawn.

In the colder season, this isn’t possible. The home might be covered in snow, the trees will have lost all their leaves, and there could even be icy patches on the driveway. This allows you to get a much more realistic picture of the place and see what potential issues there are. As a result, you can evaluate the property more objectively and decide whether it’s a good purchase.

7. Moving In Will Be Seamless 

Because most people buy a new house in the summer, moving companies don’t have much to do during the colder months. They will likely have more availability, and you will have to pay less for their services. This is especially important for busy people who need to move on a weekend. It can be almost impossible to book a good moving company in the summer on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But in the cold season, this shouldn’t be an issue.

8. You Can Start the New Year in Your New Home 

Many people move in the spring and summer months because they want their children to start the new school year in their new location. However, people who don’t have school-age children can move at any time, and starting the new year in your new place can have a lot of advantages. Firstly, you can still make tax deductions in the old year when you buy your property before the end of December, which could lower your tax rate and save you money.

Secondly, you likely won’t have as many social activities in January and February as during the spring and summer, so you can spend time arranging and doing up your new home. It’s also worth considering that many companies transfer their employees to a different location in January. If this is your situation, you might not have a choice, and you might have to move during this month.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Houston, winter could be the perfect time. You’ll have less competition, prices are likely to be lower, and real estate professionals will be less busy. Reach out to us at Home Loans With Gary to find out what kind of mortgage you could get. There are great options for everyone, including first-time buyers, veterans, and those looking to refinance an existing mortgage.